7th AUS High School Computing Camp

The Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) at the American University of (AUS) invites you to

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      Camp Highlights:
      • Digital Systems Design: Basics in Electricity, Boolean Logic Principals, Circuits implementation and accompanying skills.
      • Programming in C++: Algorithms, Variables, Control and Conditional Statements, loops.
      • Web Development: HTML basics.
      • Mobile Application Development: Android Apps.
      • Smart Home Development: Programming IoT devices and Interfacing with Sensors, Relays, and LEDs.
      • Robotics Building and Programming: Programming Robots to solve problems or achieve certain tasks.
      • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) (newly added to the 7th camp offering): Introduction to AI and ML with practical examples.
      • Focus on University Required Soft Skills: Presentation skills, Teamwork skills, Problem Solving Skills....

    7th AUS High School Computing Camp is an educational and entertaining event, targeted at students between grades 10-12. During the camp, students will engage in a series of experiments and hands-on activities, related to various topics in Computer Science and Engineering. Students will also explore new grounds of science, and develop essential skills necessary for their future University life.

    All participants that complete the camp will receive a Certificate of Participation from the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) at the American University of Sharjah (AUS).

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    Computer Science & Engineering Department (CSE), American University of Shariah.

  • date_rangeDate and Time

    Date: 22nd December - 26th December 2019.
    Time: 10:00 to 17:00.

    Early Registration Deadline: 8th of December 2019.

    Late Registration Deadline: 15th of December 2019.

  • subtitlesRegistration and Fees

    Registration & Payment Before Early Registration Deadline 1000 AED + 5% VAT.

    Registration & Payment Before Late Registration Deadline 1300 AED + 5% VAT.

    After filling the below Registration Form, payment can be either done in person at the AUS cashier or through a credit card (debit cards not accepted) by filling out this Credit Card Authorization Form and faxing it to the AUS Cashier at +971 6 515 2190 or emailing it to studentaccounts@aus.edu. Cancellation after payment will not be refunded.

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  • event1st AUS High School Computing Camp (December 24-28, 2017)

    Camp Testimonials:

    "I have joined the camp to learn programming and web development. I have loved the camp especially the robotics session and hope to be here again soon with a new camp and new topics. It was a pleasure to know my camp mates. Thanks to Mr. Ahmad and Mr Hammam for their great effort with us."
    Ahmed Attalla

    Grade 11
    National Charity School-Dubai

    "I personally enjoyed programming in C++ the most and building the robots is a close second. The camp was really fun and educational. It surpassed my expectations."
    Hadi Kiwan

    Grade 12
    Australian International School-Sharjah

    Sample of Camp Student Work:

      Ahmed Attalla Web Page

       Yusuf Ozkul Web Page

       Anas Zain Al Abdeen Web Page

    Camp Photos:

  • event2nd AUS High School Computing Camp (March 25-29, 2018)

    Camp Testimonials:

    " It was really a very good experience. I totally enjoyed these 5 days and even learned many things."
    Cianna Vanessa Fernandes

    Grade 12
    India International School - Sharjah

    "Awesome. I got to learn new skills and improve some of my own."
    Ali Al Heimari

    Grade 11
    Al Nahda International School - Abu Dhabi

    " It was pretty fun and interesting and the teachers were great (Helpful!)."
    Maya Moussa

    Grade 11
    Philadelphia Private School - Dubai

    Sample of Camp Student Work:

      Cianna Vanessa Fernandes Web Page

       Maitha Hassan Web Page

    Camp Photos:

  • event3rd AUS High School Computing Camp (July 22-26, 2018)

    Camp Testimonials:

    " The camp changed the hard idea of engineering that I had and showed me how fun it is."
    Nasser Allah Awad

    Grade 12
    Sharjah American School - Sharjah

    "I enjoyed learning topics that I was interested in along with new topics. The camp was very informative in a short span of one week I learnd so much."
    Irene Boby

    Grade 11
    Gems Modern Academy - Dubai

    "An experience that allows student to expand their knowledge and explore the world around them."
    Hisham Kazim

    Grade 11
    Al Ittihad Private School - Dubai

    Sample of Camp Student Work:

      Irene Boby Web Page

    Camp Photos:

  • event4th AUS High School Computing Camp (December 23-27, 2018)

    Camp Testimonials:

    "It was amazing, very useful! loved every one and the community :)."
    Ahmed Al Zarka

    Grade 12
    Dubai American Academy - Dubai

    "It was a very good but short course, with each topic taught well."
    Shresha Das

    Grade 11
    Delhi Private School - Sharjah

    "Had great fun. Learned a lot!"
    Ashrita Ann Koshy

    Grade 11
    Delhi Private School - Sharjah

    "Simultaneosly fun and educational."
    Yazan Mash'al

    Grade 10
    Australian International School - Sharjah

    Sample of Camp Student Work:

      Meera Aldaw Web Page

    Camp Photos:

  • event5th AUS High School Computing Camp (March 31 -April 4, 2019)

    Camp Testimonials:

    "It was amazing, the instructors job was outstanding, they were the best presenters I have ever attended to. The camp over all was perfect and very useful."
    Saeed Ibrahim

    Grade 11
    Dubai Internashional School - Dubai

    "The camp taught me many topics without being boring. It was fun but at the same time educational."
    Ayman Hassan

    Grade 10
    Sharjah American International School - Sharjah

    "It was great, I have met new friends and participated in exciting activities."
    Omon Urkinbaev

    Grade 12
    Australian International School - Sharjah

    "It was full of useful yet fun experience, I loved it so much and enjoyed every second of my time."
    Yousef Khaled

    Grade 12
    Dubai International School- Dubai

    Sample of Camp Student Work:

      Dilan Nagoor Web Page

    Camp Photos:

  • event6th AUS High School Computing Camp (July 28 -August 1, 2019) (Special Edition in association with Sharjah Youth Center)

    Camp Photos: